Television and Internet news channels are obliged to provide an unending stream of content, and as such each event is presented as a milestone on a countdown to an imminent armageddon. In this environment, based entirely on vicarious experience, treatment of fictional and factual content begin to overlap, and we are all complicit in this constructed narrative. Clockwork refers to this process of an implied countdown to disaster, borrowing from the visual vocabulary of the networked news programme and the fragmented viewing experience offered by a media saturated environment.

The video is designed to function along the lines of a clock, fulfilling the basic operation of time measurement. Reflecting time intervals of one second and one minute, the video marks time through satirical graphic animations created to reflect the statistical representations used in the media to convey opinion over fact; the pie chart and graph used to demonstrate impending disaster become a clock counting down the time to our economic, individual, or global demise.


Format: HD video
Duration: 2′ extract of 7′ 30″ video
Year of production: 2011

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