• Still from Exchanges, 2016
    Still from Exchanges, 2016

Based on real telephone conversations, Exchanges is an exploration of our lives as lived through the telephone. Exchanges utilises a collection of fragments of real telephone conversations to explore the intersection of the real, psychological and virtual spaces at play in the conduct of life in the earliest manifestation virtual space.

Presented as a collection of fragments, the we hear a series of thematically linked but otherwise separate telephone conversations, the intimate details of private lives, relationships, and sexual misadventures. These proto-narratives form the basis for an exploration of the potential for the moving image to explore spaces at once physical, virtual and psychological; attempting to define the space our consciousness occupies as we engage in a virtual space, becoming consciously divided from our physical surroundings. The inherent physical disassociation embodied in distance communication is magnified by the omnipresence of the telecommunication network.

This disassociation can extend to the conduct of the conversation itself; one party seeks to psychologically disengage from the other party or the subject itself; likewise attempts at intimate connection through a medium based on distance can be seen as perverse. Cinematic grammar is a point of reference for the work. The synthetic shot-countershot structure, conceived to dealing with representing space and face-to-face conversation, is co-opted in a deconstructed and derailed form. The visual human presence is absent, or else distant, or cut to a fragment.
Exchanges is a series of 35 video sequences, between 1 and 8 minutes in length. The work is conceived to show as either a linear single-channel video or as a multiscreen installation; in this case the number of screens and the sequences shown on each screen can be tailored to the exhibition space. 3 screens is a minimum in this instance. In the case of single-channel screening, the work has a total duration of 85 minutes, and can be screened as shorter selection in certain circumstances.

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