Power in the Land

  • Wylfa Fata Morgana

Power in the Land is a new initiative in North Wales which brings together a dynamic, diverse and multi-talented group of 10 artists to engage with issues of nuclear energy and the land. This work will come to fruition just as the last nuclear power station in Wales, Wylfa in Anglesey, shuts down at the end of 2015. Pŵer yn y Tir will address both the local and the wider world and aims to present works in video, sound, performance, installation and in graphic and photographic forms. The works will form a touring exhibition that will be seen in several venues across Wales before travelling to England and Europe.

Project websie: http://powerintheland.co.uk/

Chris Oakley will create a film work exploring the Wylfa site’s physical, political and cultural contexts. The location of Wylfa will be visually central to the work, with particular reference to the relationship of the site to the land and seascapes. The piece will be created through digital manipulation of footage shot at the site, both familiar montage editing techniques and also subtle synthesising within the frame.

The work investigates parallels between the fundamental invisibility of the nuclear fission process alongside the more visible cultural and political messages woven around the industry. He uses atmospheric optical phenomena as a metaphor for these often contradictory aspects of nuclear power. In one example, Chris envisages the site as a Fata Morgana, a complex form of mirage that is seen in a narrow band above the horizon. This parallels the processes of transmutation and transformation inherent in nuclear fission, and the elusiveness of the truths surrounding it.

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