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Microscopy of the Union Flag opens at Old Fire Station, Oxford

Exhibition at Old Fire Station, Oxford, 17 January – 14 March 2020 Opening: Thursday 16 January, 6-8pm Microscopy of the Union Flag is a forensic visual examination of the Union Jack. Utilising progressively greater magnification, the exhibition is a photographic exploration of the physical aspects of the national flag intended as a reflection on the crisis of national identity in which Britain currently finds itself. Utilising extreme macrophotographic and microphotographic techniques, the work offers a literal parallel to the frantic introspection […]

Lightcone Distribution

Exchanges, The Catalogue, Sight/Seeing, Clockwork and Half-Life are now in distribution with Lightcone, Paris. Titles will feature in the upcoming Lightcone preview show, aimed at programmers and curators, from the 11th until the 13th of September at Lightcone’s offices.

“Revisions” in distribution in France

Revisions is now in distribution within France through with Collectif Jeune Cinéma